Event perception. Radvansky, Zacks. WIREs 2010.

  1. “…we believe that events are fundamental to human experience. They seem to be the elements that constitute the stream of experience, the things that are remembered or forgotten in  autobiographical memory, and the components of our
    plans for future action.”
  2. “… the world can be organized in a variety a ways, but only some of these are recognized by people. As such, the important elements and structure of an event are often, in some way, imposed by a person. There is presumably a reasonably high degree of uniformity across people in the way that they conceive of events. Thus, the components and structure of an event are not deterministically derived from the world itself.”
  3. The model they discuss (introduced by someone else) consists of binary relations, properties of individuals, as well as situational states that describe something about the environment in which the event is taking place.  Spatiotemporal locations are also important different types of events are either constrained to a spatiotemporal location, or span them.
    1. Distinguish between real and abstract events
  4. Mental models for systems (general – how things work – physical or abstract) and events (specific – what happened, broken in to situation and experience models)
  5. <Spring cleaning – didn’t finish>

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