Domains to run experiments in

Run domains in terms of sample complexity as well as computation time

Comparisons to other planners

  • How does performance of discrete planners degrade as dimensionality increases
  • How does cost of discrete planners increase as dimensionality increases (computational, memory)
  • Tolerance of noise
  • Domains (beat UCT, maybe OLOP, FS3):
    • Double Integrator
    • Inverted pendulum
    • Bicycle, need to introduce a new (non-binary) reward

So if we can beat discrete planners, how close are we to optimal performance?

  • Double Integrator (can we beat LQR?)
  • HillCar (even though its bang-bang, and requires “good” exploration, how close do we get to optimal?)

Domains that are hard enough that any result is good

  • Swimmer
  • Articulated planar arm
  • Dude
    • Walking
    • Down Stairs
    • Down collapsing stairs
    • Responding to shoves

Other stuff

  • Model Building?
  • Using trajectory libraries?
  • Reinitializing search based on where previous search converged to

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