A Biped Walking Pattern Generator based on “Half-Steps” for Dimensionality Reduction. Perrin, Stasse, Lamiraux, Yoshida. ICRA 2011

(Again, reading up on ICRA)

  1. The basic goal is to find “half-steps” (I suppose half a gait, which they can do symmetrically for the other side?).  At the start, end end of each the robot is statically stable and motionless
  2. Since planning in half-steps is half the size of the normal problem, they can do offline planning much more quickly than previously possible (1 hr)
  3. They use RRT* to get a feasible (no self-collision, no collision with obstacles) 2D sequence of half-steps (this planning takes about 14 seconds)
  4. Once RRT finds the raw sequence, it is smoothed into a fluid gait – they still need ot maintain feasibility, but this is pretty quick – about 12 secs.
  5. <Much of this is particulars to gaits so much is skipped>
  6. The half-step is broken into an upward and downward part

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