LaValle Planning Algorithms, ch 13

  • (588) Planning under differential constraints restricts allowed velocities at ea pt
  • Commonly discretizes state, action, time
  • (590) Instead of finding sequence of configurations (can be impossible to achieve), find a sequence of velocities (sometimes still impossible, but in practice easier)
  • (594) Implicit vs parametric form: implicit is more general, but parametric is more useful because it helps to find actions.
    • Not always possible to find parametric rep
  • Pfaffian constraints assume constraints on velocities are some linear combination of functions on ea action component
  • (596) Lots of example models for domains
  • (607) Higher order constraints can be made, such as acceleration instead of velocities (easier yet to achieve in practice)
  • Converting to phase space transforms a system w/high-order derivatives to one w/only 1st order derivatives
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